Breadcrumb POS Reviews 2018 – Pricing, Features & More

breadcrumbs posAnyone who has ever worked in the food industry has heard the saying that the customer is always right, and has been more or less forced to abide by it. The good news is that the creators of Breadcrumb POS by Upserve, all of whom are former managers, bartenders, and servers, understand this and have designed the system accordingly.

Together, they have managed to create an easy-to-use and low-cost POS system that would resolve some of the major problems faced by the restaurant and hospitality industry.


This system’s extensive features include table, customer and restaurant management and specialty ordering. In fact, Breadcrumb POS has most of the tools you’ll need to run a restaurant, bar, nightclub, or café. They have recently teamed up with GrubHub to offer an online integration for ordering and delivery. Now that Breadcrumb POS has been acquired by Upserve, it boasts a strong restaurant management platform that is easy to use irrespective of your location.

This POS system works only with the Apple iPad, making it a mobile optional POS solution. Servers can send and take orders directly from the table, as well as collect payments and provide digital checks.

Brief Summary of Breadcrumb’s Pros & Cons:

Online ordering
Occasional outages
Strong reporting
Specifically designed for restaurant employees
Customizable interface

Breadcrumb Pricing

At present, Breadcrumb POS offers three pricing plans:


  • $99/month/location
  • Single terminal license
  • Designed for single-location restaurants with a smaller staff
  • $50 per additional terminal
  • Phone and email support
  • Comes with Upserve Live
  • Upserve Payments (interchange plus $.15 processing fee)


  • $249/month/location
  • EMV payments (Your first reader is free)
  • Online Ordering
  • Single terminal license
  • $50 per additional terminal
  • Multi-location sales analytics
  • Includes everything in Core
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Loyalty program
  • Premier 24/7/365 support
  • Designed for multi-location restaurants with $30 average ticket orders


  • Includes everything in Pro
  • Integrated time-clock
  • Single sign-on
  • Centralized menu and employee management
  • Built for large multi-location restaurants with 50 to 500 locations
  • Bring Your Own Gift Cards
  • Call the company for a pricing quote.

Don’t forget you can download the Breadcrumb POS for free on as many iPads as you want, but only run it at the same time on as many as your plan allows.

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Cloud-Based And Mobile

Breadcrumb POS is cloud-based and fully mobile—the system works only on iPad, as mentioned, and will not work on traditional desktop computers. As with other cloud systems, you need a wireless network and a broadband internet connection if you want to access the entire system. On the plus side, Breadcrumb POS has Offline Mode, which enables you to keep operating (on a limited level) during internet outages. Breadcrumb POS can also encrypt and store credit card data within the iPad until transactions can be processed after the wireless signal has been restored.

Back Office And Reporting Features

Reporting and back office features can all be accessed remotely from any device with the internet, making it possible for you to run your business from a separate location.


This may be a downside to some, but Breadcrumb POS is very industry specific. It is best-suited for quick-service restaurants, cafes, drive-through, full-service restaurants, breweries, wineries, bars, lounges, and nightclubs. The POS supports all types of ordering: to-go (eating out), table (eating in), bar tabs, and delivery. Moreover, it can accommodate all menu sizes, which is one of its special features. It doesn’t matter what size your dining selections are. Breadcrumb POS also enables you to manage and compare data from multiple restaurant locations.

Technical Requirements

Breadcrumb POS operates on the Apple iPad 8.0 or later versions. Back office reporting is accessible through any device with an Internet connection. Breadcrumb POS will work on an iPad Mini 2, an Air 2, or an iPad Pro. You can buy hardware directly from Breadcrumb’s website as well, including Epson and Citizen printer solutions and Meraki networking gear along with its own stand and Kitchen Display System.

Breadcrumb POS also features a fully integrated EMV solution. You can operate the EMV reader on Bluetooth. It works great as an addition to your current card swiper and terminal.


Breadcrumb offers the kind of design, customization, and mobility that enables business owners to focus on earning income without the distraction of a complicated POS. While the Breadcrumb interface is pretty no-frills, this comes with the advantage of there not being a lot to distract the server or bartender. It is very easy to navigate the system, which makes training new employees a simple task that can be accomplished in just one day. The POS puts its touchscreen functionality to good use, allowing servers to swipe items and tickets to individual tables and alter the table layout at the speed of light if they have been repositioned for larger groups.


This POS is highly customizable, enabling you to create as many menu items as you want and group them according to drinks, salads, appetizers, entrees, and more. The groups appear as tabs on the right side of the screen for quick access. The system also allows you to make fast changes. This way popular items are easier to find.


The mobility of the iPad makes tableside ordering child’s play. Your servers aren’t going to need scratch pads or hand tickets. They can edit items from the check by modifying or deleting elements, indicating seat position, making notes, and specifying quantity. Notes include VIP guests and allergies. They can even alter the prices of certain items right at the order screen after you’ve given them permission accordingly.

Breadcrumb Features

Breadcrumb features all the functions you can imagine from the moment a guest is seated until he or she leaves: table management, order taking, seat positions, firing orders, adding modifiers, printing checks, and taking payments. Features include customization – all of the terminal functions can be customized according to your specifications at any time.

The company will actually program your menu, help you set up your hardware and payment processor and train your employees, and all this at no extra charge. Breadcrumb’s representatives will also show you how to program your menu so that future updates you need to make on your own will not be a challenge.

This is an area where Breadcrumb really stands out from the crowd because, as we all know, the menu process can often be a painstaking and time-intensive process even if a company is programming it.

Remote Printing

This feature enables you to send orders and receipts to as many printers as you want – bar printer, kitchen printer, receipt printer, you name it. You can even set up terminals to communicate only with certain printers or with all of them.

Breadcrumb HQ

Breadcrumb HQ is similar to a back office where reports are generated. With this function, you can adjust settings and create menus, items, and employees from any device with an Internet connection. You can customize access and permissions by employee role.

Breadcrumb Live

Live is probably the most convenient of all of Breadcrumb’s management features. It enables the user to access all of the reporting functions by downloading the Breadcrumb Live for the iPhone. You can check on sales and access data in real time from anywhere. It’s also a highly intuitive interface, making it quick and easy to monitor your business quickly from, for instance, a poolside chair on vacation.

Table Management

This feature makes it possible to number and organize tables by clicking and dragging them across your virtual floor plan. You can divide tables in your restaurant into different zones to make server assignments and restaurant management simpler. With color-coding, you can monitor occupied seats. The meal progression graphic indicates which course a table of guests is on.

Order Functions

Breadcrumb POS comes with two modes: Server and Quickserve. In server mode, the server is brought into a table view with the menu arranged on tabbed category pages. Quickserve mode is designed for use by a bartender where speed to start and close a tab is crucial or for to-go ordering. Both modes include an item name search function. Online orders push checks for acceptance and review into the check details section.


This feature offers reports on sales, labor, payments, voids, product mix, check details, comps, and pay in/pay out. The dashboard feature displays summaries of the most important figures in the report. Breadcrumb is included in Upserve’s Restaurant Management Platform, which is in turn included in Upserve HQ, offering owners and operators a more advanced analytics suite.

The server analysis makes coaching employees much easier by breaking down their strong suits and indicating areas they might need help in. Stand out reports include the server analysis and the menu item retention “magic quadrant”. This report divides your menu into quadrants that show how often an item is ordered and its success rate in terms of drawing back customers.

Course Management

The menu and course management feature lets you create as many menu items as you want and arrange them to your liking. It is possible to store item descriptions within the menu so your waiters can give guests accurate descriptions of meal ingredients and preparation. When a menu item runs out, you can cancel it so servers and bartenders know it’s not available.

Online Ordering

This POS system offers an intuitive and very user-friendly online ordering interface, making it possible for customers to scroll through menu options and place orders for pick-up all without having to get additional hardware for the restaurant.

Employee Management

This feature lets you track employee hours using the built-in time clock and keep your employees informed with the in-app bulletin board. This has proven to be quite a popular feature. You can assign roles, track cash and credit tips, and customize staff access parameters.

Kitchen Display System

Breadcrumb’s Kitchen Display System is a simple and highly effective communication system between the front and the back of the restaurant. It also organizes orders in the kitchen, reducing errors and enhancing the speed of ticket times.

Payment Options

You can split, merge, transfer, and process an unlimited number of credit card payments on a single check. You can also void, discount or comp individual items or entire checks, provide either printed or emailed receipts, and set automatic gratuities (like for big groups of guests).

Inventory Management

Admittedly, this isn’t one of Breadcrumb POS’s biggest strengths, but the system does have some basic inventory features. These include setting an item count to keep track of stock. The inventory feature also integrates with Breadcrumb POS’s “Shift Notes” feature to inform servers of any big changes to stock levels. Breadcrumb POS cannot track inventory at the ingredient level. You will have to integrate with an outside inventory management system if you need more in-depth inventory features.

Cash Management

This system makes it possible to run checkout reports to balance your till at the end of shifts. Users can set times when the system will automatically reconcile your credit card machine with batches.

Breadcrumb Integrations And Add-Ons

Integrations can be purchased from the Upserve Marketplace. Breadcrumb POS integrations include, but are not limited to, the Shogo, KitchenSync, and RSI accounting programs, the analytic and management programs Avero, Venga, Compeat, Ctuit, Restaurant 365, and Peachworks, and a number of several inventory management solutions. A one-time license for Orca will cost you about $720. You can also get this for a monthly fee.

BevSpot‘s price depends on your specific needs. It ranges from $150 to $350 per month. You will need to contact BevSpot for a quote. The add-on Bevager offers several pricing points – $99 per month for the Standard plan, $ 149.99 for the Premium plan, and $199.99 a month for the Pro plan.

BeerSAVER also needs to be contacted for a pricing quote. Customers with less than twelve taps can expect to pay at least $2,000 and $160 per month, while customers with sixteen taps can expect to pay $2,500 and $180 per month.

The Time Clock and Scheduling integration is with Dolce, Homebase, 7shifts, or Better Chains. Online ordering and delivery is with GrubHub, and gift cards are with The Customer Connection.

The credit card processor rates and fees vary from provider to provider. Breadcrumb works with six different processors, all of which are highly ranked. They are First Data, TSYS, Heartland Payment Systems, Chase Paymentech, and Global Payments. The sixth is Upserve Payments, Breadcrumb’s in-house credit card solution of choice.


This fully functional, mobile point of sale system generally has a lot of mixed reviews. We compiled a vast number of reviews from all major websites and looked at them to figure out what Breadcrumb POS customers think about the company and why.

Overall, Breadcrumb POS manages to satisfy its clients. They point the ease of use out as a great advantage and report that the customer service team is friendly and professional. Pricing is considered a weak point by and large – it is ranked as “fair” by the vast majority of users.

Most positive reviewers liked the fact that they were able to process orders offline – this was a highly convenient feature to have at times of Internet outage. Users are also happy with how easy Breadcrumb POS is to teach. On the downside, Breadcrumb POS is reported to be prone to errors and glitches and that service signal is always intermittent, making the system go offline too often.

Below, we’ve listed a typical positive and a typical negative review to help you figure out if this system would work for you or not.

Typical Positive User Review

“The offline mode is a key feature. We’re in an area of the country that doesn’t have the best ISP coverage. This feature alone has saved us thousands of dollars! And since Upserve has taken over BreadCrumb, the customer support is significantly better. I can now call at 2:00am on a Saturday and get a live response.”

Typical Negative User Review

“There’s very little that it’s able to do beyond being a simple POS. It’s just a basic POS that is affordable, it works, and that’s it. Plus offline mode is terrible. I’m forced to stop using the system a lot because of the buggy signal, turning to cash only transactions which creates many headaches.”

Customer Service And Technical Support

Breadcrumb POS doesn’t charge a fee for their support plans. In fact, many of the support services are available online via a community forum, training videos, and a searchable support database.

You can access individualized phone support from a Breadcrumb POS representative through a technical support line or email questions to Every client is assigned an account manager to help make sure he or she is getting the most out of the POS system. Users can also track and subscribe to Breadcrumb POS’s service status page.

In addition, the company has a blog. Its Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts are updated on a regular basis.

Breadcrumb POS was acquired by Groupon for a brief period of time, which led its customer service reputation to deteriorate. It is slowly recovering. Some users complain about a slow response time. We find the support team to be on par with most other major point of sale providers and quite knowledgeable.

There have not been many comments online regarding Breadcrumb POS of late, neither positive nor negative. We find this is a good thing, at least for a POS system. Older negative reviews are mostly related to pricing, outages and downtime. Some users have complained of outages and system downtime during peak hours.

There has been some frustration by several mandatory updates that were made during peak business hours and caused downtime. Additionally, some users find Breadcrumb POS to be overpriced and felt other systems offered a better price to performance ratio.

Breadcrumb received a lot of bad customer reviews prior to its acquisition by Upserve. These still dominate the message boards and review comment sections, despite not being recent.

The company makes great effort to improve its reporting feature, and succeeds. It has been offering excellent insights, reporting, and analytics since it was integrated into the Upserve Restaurant Management Platform. Customers who adopted the platform are noticing the improvements compared to the system’s earlier days. Finally, customers seem to be satisfied with the changes Upserve has made to their customer service.

Our Final Review

Breadcrumb POS, which was designed by former servers and restaurant owners, has several features that make it a steadily improving success. It has found a reliable partner in Upserve and has been provided with the tools it needs to become an even better-performing POS system.

It is relatively easy to use the highly customizable interface and intuitive design, take orders, create a menu, keep staff updated and arrange a floor plan. Upserve Live and Upserve HQ make it easy to manage the back office, view reports, and monitor sales from any place with an Internet connection.

Of course, Breadcrumb POS is not without its disadvantages. There is a tendency of more and more POS platforms dramatically expanding the number of features and integrations that are offered. In terms of integrations, Breadcrumb POS is lagging behind. We encourage you to try the demo version.

If you’re happy with it, the integration aspect won’t a major problem, but it is something to be informed about, especially considering that larger restaurants are probably going to need to spend extra money per month on an inventory integration. Users still claim to have occasional downtimes during peak hours, which is obviously an issue.

That aside, Breadcrumb POS is generally a great system. It has an overall rating of around 4.5 of 5. Capterra has given it a 4 out of 5 rating, but that hardly seems justified given that there are too few comments on there, and the ones that we did read weren’t really specific.

If you’re looking to equip your restaurant with a POS system or replace your current one, we encourage you to try Breadcrumb POS out.

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