Best Coffee Shop POS Systems 2019 | Top Systems Reviewed

coffee shop POSAre you tired of having trouble managing your coffee shop macros in a daunting manner? Do you want a point of sale software that’s not only updated regularly, but is able to provide you an organized service?

Maybe business is picking up and you’re looking to invest in a point of sale system that’s going to keep you on top of your game.

Whatever the case may be, you seem like you’re in the market for a coffee shop POS system that won’t let you down. In this article, you’ll find the best coffee shop POS systems, comparison charts, reasons why you should be investing for your coffee shop, as well as a final review of the best system.

The Best Coffee Shop POS System: Square

After searching endlessly, we found that the Square, a POS service for your app-capable device, is one of the best on the market for those in the coffee shop business.

Whether you run a shop that’s pop-up only, or you have an established location, you’ll be able to get everything you need at the touch of a finger on your iPad tablet. Receive instant deposits, chargeback protection, analytics and sales reports, plus much more!

Top 3 Coffee Shop POS Systems

· No monthly fee
· 2.75% taken out per purchase instead
· Print receipts, order stubs, kitchen tickets and more
· Customize tipping, franchise discounts, and taxes
· Discover
· American Express Mastercard
· Visa

· $69 per month
· Data security
· Robust reporting
· Data accessibility via a cloud
· All major credit cards accepted
· EMV chip cards
· Mobile payments

· $99 as a base
· Three extended tiers offered; ranging from $159 to $199 per month
· Analytics reports
· Ease of use order management
· Thermal receipt printer
· Touchscreen terminal
· Ethernet printer
· All major credit cards
· Gift cards
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Square: Our Second Choice for Coffee POS

There are many benefits to using Square, Inc. on your smartphone or your tablet in order to keep your business financially efficient. Not only can you swipe without an internet connection, but you’re also able to print receipts, stubs for orders, kitchen tickets, and more. Within this app, you can customize your discounts and tipping, along with taxes in an efficient manner.

Another fantastic benefit of using this app is that you’re able to have an all in one point-of-sale solution package that ensures organization of many areas. From being a receipt printer, to a cash drawer and known as “Square Stand”, you’re able to do everything financially on your iPad instantly.


For every swipe that’s performed, you’ll only see 2.75% taken out of each purchase, and then receive the rest of the deposit into the added bank account within two business days.

Using this coffee shop POS, you’re able to receive payments from multiple major cards, including American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa – no longer do you have to restrict someone because your shop isn’t capable of handling it.

There are also those with PayPal debit cards that are accepted, as they generally have a major card logo on them. There are no hidden fees, and you’re able to reap the benefits of a “next day deposit” option.

You might be curious about keyed-in card payments, and how it affects the percentage taken out. If you don’t swipe, you’ll see a 3.5% charge, plus an added 15 cents. For example, if you key in a purchase that’s $100, you’ll receive $96.35 into your bank account.

The aforementioned fee is the only percentage you’ll see taken out, as this is what it costs per charge to use the Square, Inc. iPad app – no hidden fees or monthly fees on top of what you’re already charged.


We love that the deposits and percentage received from the Square, Inc. app aren’t ones that come with hidden fees. It’s also fantastic that you’re able to receive chargeback protection, so a customer can’t attempt to take after they already received something in your coffee shop.

While we like to try and trust people, not everyone has a great heart, and there are some people you just can’t please. The chargeback protection covers up to $250 per purchase, and up to $250 in total protection a month. For example, if someone’s order comes to $30.00, and they attempt to chargeback and receive a refund, you still have $220.00 left in protection for the month.

Another benefit of using this app is the instant deposit you can receive – 1% of the sale. After this, you’ll see the rest of your payment within two business days, which is one of the fastest on the coffee shop POS market.

Getting started doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either, as the magstripe is free for your store, and there aren’t any credit checks involved. All you have to do is sign-up, then download the app onto your iPad from the app store. Easy as pie – or that auto latte machine you have in your coffee shop!

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Shopkeep: Our Runner Up

Want to have satisfaction with each transaction? Look no further, as the Shopkeep POS system is going to make things a lot easier for you. Even when the system is offline, you’re able to reap the benefits regardless.

All orders will come with a note section for clarification, and you won’t have to play a guessing game to figure out parts of an order, or the person behind said order.

Payments accepted:

There are many coffee shop POS systems that just don’t deliver on how your customer’s pay. With the ShopKeep iPad app, you’re able to receive payments from those that not only use major credit cards, but those who use EMV chip cards, and those who make payments via their mobile phone. Become more convenient for those on the go.

Payments per month:

To use ShopKeep, there’s a “pay as you go” system for those that want to try something a little less painless than others. With a rate of $69 per month, as well as free quotes created for those with a large or small customer base, you won’t have to worry about too much being taken out of each order. The aforementioned is where ShopKeep differs from many POS systems.

Employee shifts:

Within the ShopKeep app, your employees can log on and receive payments and orders through their name so the owner or manager can pinpoint what happened during each order and with who. Employee accountability is everything, especially when you’re looking to trust someone with not only finances, but customers, too. By using this app, your staff can utilize the quick sign-in and sign-off for their shifts.

There are other benefits that ShopKeep promises, including gift card integration to help your coffee shop spread the love to others. In offering gift card integration, as well as being able to sell even when offline, you’ll never miss a beat within your fast-paced shop, and you’ll be able to manage and keep tabs with ease. Technology doesn’t have to be confusing or frustrating when the Internet isn’t readily available.

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Coffee Shop Manager

Designed specifically for those that run a coffee shop, this next coffee shop POS system isn’t one that’s initially designed for the restaurant industry as a whole. The manufacturers on Coffee Shop Manager are specifically catering to those in the coffee shop niche of the restaurant industry.


There are three levels of pricing on top of the monthly pricing, as it offers more; however, if you want something simple and basic, you can pay the $99 a month. If you want additional help and tools, you’ll pay per tier.

The first tier, which comes with setup, costs $159 per month on top of the monthly fee. Within this tier, you’ll receive support, Ethernet printing, encryption for credit card reader, printer-drive electronic cash drawer, training, menu prep, CSM POS software, and much more. Known as the “Americano” tier, this is the basic that offers a TON for a decent price. Other tiers include:

  • Mocha – noted as the most popular, this tier is a bit more a month, but comes with a touch screen terminal, magnetic card reader, thermal receipt printer, and much more, on top of what you would receive in the Americano tier – all for $200 a month.
  • Latte – The last tier comes with an incredible number of features for a little less a month. While you won’t get everything in the Mocha tier, you’ll receive everything in the Americano tier, and more – including the 15” Touch Dynamic terminal. The price of this tier is listed at $179.00 per month.

Other Features

There are plenty of other features that come with the Coffee Shop Manager, including the EMV integration for those that want to add a “chip-and-signature” option. Because mostly every major credit card utilizes chip technology, it’s more important than ever to update your software to be able to receive that. While those who have a chip can still swipe, it may delay the processing and cause a delay.

Another fantastic feature of using Coffee Shop Manager is that you’re able to encrypt each swipe that a customer performs. As soon as their information is swiped, you can protect them instantly and reassure that their information won’t get stolen.

We have to say that we love that the processing for each payment is between 2-4 seconds, which means that your customer will receive their order much quicker, and your orders won’t be backed up. Finances can be difficult sometimes, but managing them doesn’t have to be.

With the Coffee Shop Manager, you no longer have to worry about inconvenience, high fees, and disorganized orders. Whether you own an Enterprise, or a small mom-and-pop shop, there are solutions for you with the Coffee Shop Manager.

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Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Coffee Shop POS System

We can’t tell you enough how much we think coffee shops should invest in a POS system that caters to their industry. Customers that walk into a coffee shop need their extra dose of morning perk, and when they can’t get that in an efficient manner, they look elsewhere to give their business.

Beyond this, a quick and efficient order will allow them to receive their coffee (or morning pastry) much faster. A smooth, bump-free morning is a good morning for many people. With the right coffee shop POS system, customers and shop owners both reap a plethora of benefits. Some of these include:

  • Being able to use gift cards, major credit cards, phone payments
  • Data encryption to keep customers safe
  • Quick processing and quick payments to your bank account
  • Efficient order management
  • A seamless user interface
  • No hidden fees for using the aforementioned point-of-sale systems
  • Integration of new payment styles, including the EMV “chip-and-signature” machine

“Getting with the times” means updating your coffee shop from the inside out. Those on their way to work or school don’t have much time to spare in the morning when it comes to traveling and traffic, and getting their coffee fast means getting on with their day. When your finances are backed up, or you don’t have modern payment options, you may not only lose customers and gain a bad rep, but you may also see your business dwindle.

Best Coffee Shop POS: Our Final Review

At the end of the day, you want a coffee shop POS system that not only promises an exquisite user interface, but one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to run every month. Financial convenience is the reason you’re using a system as such, so don’t let an app give you a run for your money in the process.

Using an app like Square can ensure that you’re going to receive your money instantly, safely, and without having to give a ton to the company that manufactured the software. We hope that this guide guides you in finding the best coffee shop POS system for your needs, your budget, and your future goals within your coffee shop.

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