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Good wine demands certain appreciation. A good winery requires good business sense. Scheduling tastings, tracking inventory, shipments, and sales are all an essential part of that.

Not to mention keeping your online store up to date with your brick and mortar location. Fortunately, winery POS systems merge all that into one centralized location.

With ease of access to a clear scheduling and tracking system, a point of sale system for a winery is a must-have. Picking an efficient system will streamline customer transactions and relation. Tastings, tours, and reservations will never have been so manageable for your winery.

Below we review the top three winery POS systems based on features, support, and pricing.

Best Winery POS System: Xudle

Xudle was the best winery point-of-sale that we reviewed. This has the best automation built in, so it takes the effort out of maintaining shipments, reservations, and club members. It’s also very easy to use and customize so you can spend all your time focusing on doing what you do best.

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Top Rated Winery POS Systems Reviewed

Best Features
Schedule Reservations
Automation of Tasks, Reports
Events Calendar
Content Management System
Automated Reports
Quickbook Integration

Features Included in Price


Few Others

Locally or Cloud Based
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Our Runner Up for Winery POS: Vin65

Vin65 wasn’t chosen as our best point-of-sale system, but it still has plenty of features to make it great for any winery. Vin65 is one of the industries leading point-of-sale systems. Its modern looking user interface is attractive to customers. It has also optimized to maximize customer sales. By being in charge of the content you display on your customer website, you can show your customers the unique feel of your vineyard.

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Why Xudle is our Top Point-Of-Sale Choice for Wineries

Xudle was created by Infinity Arts, a web design and development firm which provides custom solutions to businesses for over 15 years. Through their work with wineries creating custom web applications they created Xudle. Xudle has wineries in mind to integrate the extremely fragmented business software.


Since Xudle was designed to be an all-in-one solution their features list is unbeatable. First and foremost is their point-of-sale system. Their point-of-sale system is built for efficiency and speed. Their interface is simple yet very fast.

The prebuilt functionality provides the tasting room staff with instant access to customer order history and account information for a pleasant customer experience. It’s also a cloud-based software which allows employees and admins access the system with unique logins and customizable viewing rights. Everything is automatically updated and accessible. You never have to worry about information not being up to date or accessible from wherever you are.

On top of their point-of-sale system, they also have a scalable wine club cloudware. Whether you are looking for standalone wine club software or a fully synchronized solution to your offline and online sales. Their software helps automate the daunting tasks of running a wine club. They have automatic batch billing. Their shipment management allows you to manage your shipments and setup automatic email notifications. They also allow members to access their personal account data through your website. Customers can login, edit their information and all their records are updated automatically.


One of our favorite features of Xudle was its integration with taking reservations. Whether its tastings, tours or cooking classes Xudle can make it easy to handle all these reservations and sales. Their software allows for RSVPs, manages inventory, and processing orders. It’s also designed to work well with mobile so customers on the go can easily make reservations on the go. Unlike many other systems that offer this system, this reservation service is an included standard feature in their software suite.

The Xudle solution is fully integrated and streamlined. Each feature they offer is automatically integrated with their centralized database. From creating reservations, to joining your wine club, or simply buying a bottle of wine from your winery. Xudle makes the most seamless process for your customer. Their system takes the pain out of running a winery.


The cheapest plan for Xudle is $149/month. This covers a monthly sales volume of up to $10,000. If your winery is larger than that they scale accordingly. One of the nice things about having a cloud service is that there’s no licenses. Anyone can just download the app, and login then you or your employees have access to all the information from any device.

This price also includes all of their features with no additional cost. They also charge monthly which means no long term contracts. Plenty of other point-of-sale systems will charge extra for each additional service. With their scalable pricing, and all features being included, this makes Xudle a great solution for any sized winery.

Customer Service

On Xudle, the customer service is incredible. They offer another 24/7 service, but they provide an added bonus. This bonus is that the customer service team sends all concerns on to the developer team. Often, when there is a concern with an error in the POS, the developer team will redesign that element.

Downsides to Xudle         

There is no perfect point-of-sale system and Xudle is no exception. One of their biggest pain points is the $1500 installation fee and the $100/hr technical support. If you are a fast growing winery looking to boost sales as quickly as possible. Vin65 might be the better option with their unique tools to help incentive customers into buying more wine.


Xudle’s goal is to seamlessly integrate all the different aspects to running a successful winery. With their automation tools we think they accomplished their goal. With their base package including every feature they offer this system is very reasonable priced if you’re looking for a all-in-one package.

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Vin 65: Our Second Best Choice for Winery Point of Sale

Vin65 is another industry leading complete point-of-sale system for wineries. They also integrate all of their services into one unified platform. Added customization tools makes ecommerce a reeze.


Vin65’s best feature is their E-commerce. They streamlined their online shopping to make it easiest for customers to find what they want and have a pleasant experience. Their process is designed to increase conversion rates and produce higher sales. A customer is expecting a certain website feel when doing their online shopping and Vin65 fits that image. It has ratings and reviews, along with social media buttons.

They also allow you to implement promotions, use coupon codes, and use gift cards. One of their best features is the use of carrots. Carrots are triggered at key touch-points and prompt the user to buy more wine. Each of these additional features helps your store make more money.

As per any great winery point-of-sale system, they offer a state of the art point-of-sale. Their system is an iOS app that can be used anywhere there’s a wifi or data connection. The app is designed to focus on the customer experience. Your sales employees will be able to see customer notes, purchase history, lifetime value and more right from their device. Your employees will also be able to capture any customer information they gather and save it to the central database.

They also allow you to create your own customer website. When you sign up you will get your own domain. You can manage your content on the fly without the need to wait for a designer. With their tools, you’ll be able to show off all your wines and list any important information along with them. You will be able to showcase your vineyard by creating a gallery, and events calendar. If you are having any special events, you can list them all here and your customers will easily be able to see the details.


If you’re a small winery and not sure if a point of sale system is for you, Vin65 offers a free version where you can set up a website and start showcasing your product. Their lowest tier point-of-sale starts at $159 a month and that includes several features like e-commerce, point-of-sale, and inventory management. If you’re looking for their complete package their top tier service comes in at $549/month and includes all the features they offer. Their highest tier package also doesn’t have any sales caps, where their lower tiers do.

Customer Service

The customer service available for Vin65 is simply not as good as other wine POS systems. For example, they only offer customer service for the top two tiers of service. Unfortunately, only the top tier is the only one which provides you with direct access to an agent.

The second highest tier allows you to contact customer service, but they may not provide an immediate response. This can be incredibly frustrating for business owners.

Thankfully, the top tier allows you immediate access to a personal agent any time. Keep in mind, the agent you contact has a four-hour window to get back to you. This can be frustrating, but this frustration is offset by always dealing with the same agent.


If you’re a larger winery and can spend the money on the full package Vin65 might be the choice for you. They offer the most streamlined e-commerce system. If you’re a smaller winery, under $10,000/month in sales, you might not be able to afford their highest tier service. Their lower tier product only includes a few of the amazing features you’d expect.

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VinNow: Winery Point-Of-Sale Systems by Winery Owners

VinNow is a trusted platform for wineries. They were formed in 1993 and solely designed their software to work for wineries. VinNow was one of the firsts to integrate all the needs of a winery into a centralized system. This POS offers all the great features a winery point-of-sale system should, making them a great option for any winery.


Their point-of-sale system is designed uniquely for the use in winery tastings rooms. It is also integrated directly with all their other applications. It is easy to train a new employee on their touch-screen. Their point-of-sale system is also split up into two modes, retail and restaurant.

Retail allows the system to be more streamlined for just selling bottles and merchandise. Pre-authorization isn’t required which allows credit card fees to be reduced. Restaurant mode allows you to create a customer tab, pre-authorize credit cards, and add gratuity. You can also choose which workstations run in retail and which run in the restaurant.

Another great feature of VinNow is their reporting. All files are stored in a central database allowing their system to report on all data. Reporting features will also help you save time by not having to manually gather data or tediously generate reports yourself. You can also schedule reports to be generated. There are numerous types of reports to choose from and you can create your own and save custom reports for future use.

Even More Features

Another feature is the ability to download to a .CSV file, which allows you to customize and generate reports on your own without the need to find all the data yourself. So, If you struggle with moving data or with technology, using a .CSV file can make things much easier.

VinNow also has a Dynamic Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This allows you to store lots of data on customers. This allows the gathering their email addresses, their order history, shipping information and more.  Additionally, their customer search allows you to search from multiple different fields and create unique groups. All these different features allow you to improve your marketing strategy. By selectively targeting different groups of customers you can create targeted marketing campaigns, improving sales.


Their cheapest base plan is $120/month for one workstation. However, this does not include any of the optional modules. Each module costs an extra $45 a month for the base plan and if your winery grows to more than 601 active club members the price grows to $200 a month for the base software and $75 per month for each module. Their installation fee is $600.

For a winery that is looking for just a basic system or if you do not have any active club members, VinNow might be the solution for you. Another benefit of their plan is that they offer free unlimited and ongoing training. They also bill on a monthly basis so you can cancel at any time for no additional fees.

Customer Service

VinNow has decent customer service. Once again, this is not 24/7 service, but VinNow does offer the ability to contact their IT agents. This is done through an email or a ticket. However, it’s important to realize that this means the tech department can contact you when they want to, not when you want them to. This can be incredibly frustrating, as it means that you are not always helped immediately.


VinNow is a great point-of-sale system that will help any winery meet their needs. Depending on your specific needs they can be pricier than some other options. All of their features are designed to be specifically used in wineries. These features will be quick and easy to use for anyone in the industry. One downside of their system is that it is not cloud-based. This can limit automatic updates and could slow things down trying to keep all information synced across multiple workstations.

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The Bottom Line

Hundreds of other generic point-of-sale systems are adapted to be an effective winery point-of-sale system. However, researching all these different options is overwhelming to say the least. Fortunately, we did all this work for you.

We strongly recommend Xudle or Vin65 for your wineries point-of-sale system. The features included are comprehensive and their technologies are the most state of the art in the industry. If you’re looking for only a couple of the packages instead of the whole system. Or maybe you don’t like the flashy new look of these systems, then VinNow might be the choice for you.

You could read through endless point-of-sale system reviews all day in hopes of deciding which one is right for you. Or, you could let us spend all day reading reviews, and then read our reviews of the best systems available. The second option definitely saves business owners a lot of valuable time.

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