About Us

Here at Top POS Systems, we want to create a resource that helps business owners find the best POS system for their business. But, we don’t only deal with POS systems, we also provide reviews of the top merchant and payment processors, along with other providers who can help improve your business. It is our goal that our resource will help you learn the latest technologies available. Point of sale systems are growing rapidly as more businesses are realizing its benefits, so this is an exciting time to take advantage them!

We customize a POS guide for nearly any business that could benefit from it. For example, we recently published a guide about the best iPad POS for Restaurants. It is our plan to eventually also review every point of sale provider on the market. While we don’t provide a 1-10 ranking for every product, we write an objective summary that lists out all the features. Ultimately, choosing the right software will come down to the right fit for a specific situation.

We depend on you, our readers, to provide real-time feedback. Leave a comment on one of our guides so we can revise our content and make suggestions for other features — even as new technology comes out. Help us help other business owners! As this industry grows, we’ll include new information and shape this website to be the #1 resource for every business professional.