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Bike stores, just like any retail store, need technology to drive growth and deliver a better customer experience, which is why we evaluated the best bike shop POS systems.

POS systems merge software and hardware to streamline your business’s internal processes. They automate administrative tasks so you can spend more time serving customers.

Bike stores need specific POS hardware components. There are tons of bicycle brands and models, and many of them require unique parts that don’t fit other bike models.

Inventory management hardware like inventory scanners take the burden off employees who otherwise would have to manually count stock. Bike stores also need tools like credit card readers to process purchases digitally. These tools provide digital records of your inventory, sales, etc., providing you with data to run reports.

That’s where POS software comes in. Scanned inventory data is saved in your central POS database. The same is true for sales data, customer data, revenue growth data, etc. Features like powerful reporting allow you to keep a finger on results and make data-driven decisions about how to grow your business.

There are loads of software features and hardware components that bike shops need. Below we evaluate our top picks for bike store POS systems to assist you in your search for the perfect bike store POS system.

Our Top Bike Shop POS System: Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed’s user-friendly design makes this POS system the preferred choice of retailers, including bike shop owners.

This POS has become one of the best-known products in its class and remains the favorite of bike shop management and staff alike.

Regardless of which plan you choose when you sign up for Lightspeed, you’ll also get a number of useful store functions. For example, you can completely control your inventory with Lightspeed’s powerful inventory management feature.

In addition, you can link online ordering with your POS system and generate discount codes. Your customers will be able to use these coupons while shopping on your site.

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The 3 Best Bike Shop POS Systems

Ease of Use
Customer Service
Starting Price
Cloud, SaaS, Web
Cloud, SaaS, Web
Cloud, SaaS, Web
Live Online
In Person
Live Online
In Person
Live Online
In Person
Business Hours
24/7 (Live Rep)
24/7 (Live Rep)
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Why Lightspeed Retail Is Our Top Choice for Your Bike Shop

One of the best things about Lightspeed’s POS is that it offers a perfectly seamless workflow – simply tap to add products.

Selling is also very easy – your customer adds products to the cart and makes payment. Then you accept it and email them the receipt.

Regardless of whether you have made sales from your store, online, or through your phone, Lightspeed Retail automatically syncs your inventory in real-time. Moreover, your orders are also automatically synced, whether they were placed in-store, online or from a mobile device.

To sum up, this POS software makes it easy for bike shop owners to manage their orders, print receipts, refund a customer or look up their transactions’ history.

Keep Track Of Purchase Orders

Lightspeed’s simplifies your purchase orders. You can select from over 200 vendors like QBP and place an order with just one click. You can focus on what you know how to do, which is selling bikes. You can also add multiple product categories and item types. You can even go as far as creating vendor purchase orders on the fly.

The ability to create purchase orders and even layaway orders for customers is easy.

Track Growth And Sales

Lightspeed Retail also has a “Reports” feature that lets you easily track sales, customers, and in-store and online payments. That way you can quickly understand which products are selling well, and which ones aren’t.

The analytics feature of this POS system provides bike shop owners with a better understanding of how their sales change from one week or month to the next. Thus, you’ll be in a better position to make smart business decisions.

Lightspeed Retail offers hundreds of apps and integrations to help your bike shop grow.  Its system helps you manage every aspect of your bicycle retail business. Also, they have an integration that helps you automate your accounting and reduces your bookkeeping costs.

Connect with Your Clients & Track Inventory

Lightspeed Retail also teams up with several Email services, such as MailChimp, to help you stay on top of your client list. You can send out thousands of promotional emails and sales notifications to your loyal customers with a single click.

The online store and inventory are cloud-based, and most of the data generated through the POS app is saved on your device. You can create custom line items and automatically calculate taxes. This will depend on the location of your store, and send out hundreds of seasonal or special offers.

Lightspeed’s back-end features are also very useful. They include tracking register activity, creating customer profiles, and completing order histories. You can also track and organize an unlimited number of inventory items.

Great Quality-Price Ratio

Lightspeed is one of the best-priced retail POS systems on the market. If you sign up for a free trial, there’s no commitment, and you do not have to provide any credit card information, either.
And, if you end up watching a demo and liking the software, Lightspeed’s experts will work with you to set up the POS system with your company’s information, such as company name, logo, and other integrations you need for your business.


We could find only two, and even they won’t be an issue for most bike shops. Lightspeed doesn’t have a rental program. And, while they do have Buy Local Now & SmartEtailing Integration (Cloud), they do not have Buy Local Now & SmartEtailing Integration (Pro).

Bottom Line

Lightspeed Retail is a really solid choice if you have a bike shop that needs comprehensive in-store and online functionality. Overall, we think it is the It is the best POS system for bike shops. In particular, it is especially useful for medium-sized businesses.

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iPad-Based Bike Shop POS Software: Vend

Vend works in an iPad app or web browser, so it will always be with you, no matter if you’re on the road or have several bike shops.

Adding new locations and registers is very simple. What is more, the system’s offline mode makes it possible to process sales transactions in even the most remote locations.

Real-Time Reporting

With reporting in real-time, you get some great insights you can use to grow your business. You can track your best products, your best clients and your busiest hours. And you can keep track of your appointments as Vend also integrates with time-scheduling platforms.

This POS system makes managing and importing inventory simple by quickly allowing you to edit, add, and remove products.

It is easy to track stock levels across various locations and order new supplies with built-in management, ensuring everything you need is always in stock. The POS system’s seamless integration with the main e-commerce platforms means you can sell in-store and online.

Easy to Set Up

It is very easy to get started with Vend. The system works with a wide range of POS hardware. The company makes a wide variety of tutorials, videos and a range of support options available to help its clients get started.

Bike shop managers can upload products and make sales in minutes. You will be able to see more about your shop than you ever could before once you have sales data.

General Features

Vend offers all the POS features a bike shop of any size would ever need. With Vend, you can easily maintain price books and create or update customer lists, and even design your own branded gift cards.

Vend’s employee tracking feature helps manage your workforce more efficiently. The content management system enables bike shop owners to improve their online store’s functionality. They can, for instance, add products and pages, or rearrange designs.

With Vend, you can set prices depending on client types and location. Best of all, importing and exporting inventory is no longer a challenge. Last but not least, The interface fits screens of all types and sizes.

Payment Options

Vend integrates with all major payment processors and will quickly have you accepting payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and debit cards.  Your patrons will also be able to swipe, tap or use chip cards.  Vend also works with contactless technologies like Apple Pay and fully integrates with PayPal.

Add-ons & Integrations

Using Vend as your bike shop POS will also make it easy for you to utilize API integrations with account software like QuickBooks and Xero. Vend also partners with numerous other value-add providers that will help you schedule appointments, optimize inventory, and automate marketing campaigns.

24/7 Customer Support

Vend prides itself on its award-winning POS support.  The company has offices in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.  Priority phone support is included in all pricing plans at no additional charge.

Vend also has a robust Help Center where bike shop owners can reveries articles, video tutorials, and set-up guides to get the answers you need any time.

Top Benefits

  • Web-based or iPad POs worked on any device
  • Off-line mode automatically resyncs all of your data
  • Intuitive interface makes it easy to train staff
  • Discounts and additional notation capabilities
  • Create custom receipts with your logo and other messages
  • Ability to create layaway and on-account sales
  • Flexible return capabilities to any payment method
  • Detailed cash management functions and register closure
  • Flexible user permission settings


Unfortunately, Vend’s in-store POS system doesn’t support purchase orders. This means that you can only configure commission payments on delivery. In addition, you need to pay for the display of demo products.

Bottom Line

We think Vend is a user-friendly, scalable bike shop POS system that integrates well in shops of all sizes.

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One of the Fastest POS Systems to Deploy: Shopify

Around the world, Shopify is one of the most well-known and utilized eCommmerce and POS platforms used by retailers.  Many bike shop owners have found that Shopify made it easy to create an eCommerce presence and manage their POS functions in one place.

Top Features


Shopify POS has you covered when it comes to every payment scenario imaginable. If you are an existing business, your current terminals can be used with Shopify’s low- cost processing service with no hidden fees. Your cashiers will find it easy to process all payment types, issue and redeem gift cards, and accept partial payments on layaway items.


Intuitive interfaces make it simple for your employees to efficiently checkout customers using Shopify POS. Compatibility with mobile devices allows your employees to assist the customer anywhere. Tax rates are all automatically kept updated based on your stores location.


Shopify POS takes the difficulty out of creating and managing discounts and coupons. The system allows you to set-up rule-based discounts that will meet any need imaginable. Create a loyalty program or special discounts for veterans or seniors. All analytics data about your discounts utilized are available tag a glance on the dashboard.

Store Management

Bike shop owners will love the control and reporting that Shopify POS provides. Cash registers are easily monitored and all employee activity on a terminal is confirmed with Staff PINs. All employees can have access to order history and other information to help serve the customer. Daily reports roll up all the important data and all your final vital transactions are directly integrated with QuickBooks, XERO, and others.

Customer Management

Every transaction completed with Shopify POS creates a customer profile for new patrons. All your interactions with a customer can be referenced and tracked from one location. Powerful email marketing functionality is driven from this part of Shopify POS.


Shopify POS really shines when it comes to product management capabilities. Organize your items by category, season, or more. Managers will appreciate how easy it is to sort by vendor, price, inventory level, or other variable. Barcodes and scanners make checking in product a breeze.


Shopify POS is based in the cloud and can be accessed and used with any connected device. This includes desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads, or Android devices. Shopify supports all common card readers, cash drawers, receipt printers, and barcode scanners. Create custom receipts or your own barcodes.


One of the main reasons to use a modern POS system is to collect data to help you make better decisions about your business. Shopify POS has a detailed dashboard that shows you everything about your sales, orders, and store traffic. Customize reports and go granular to see which products are selling best.

Shopify Mobile

The pace of business is fast. Owners need to be able to manage their affairs from anywhere. Shopify Mobile gives you access to the same information as if you were in the store. Everything is synced all the time.

24/7 Support

Shopify POS has a support team ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Agents can help customers via email, live chat, or phone. Their help center can be search for guides and tutorials. Their discussion forum allows you to interact with other business owners like you to share best practices.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify POS has a plan for everyone.  Their basic plan will have you up and running in minutes and only cost $29/mo. The standard plan costs $79/mo and allows you to have up to 5 staff accounts. Advanced Shopify is $299/mo and includes 15 staff accounts. All plans include unlimited products and unlimited file storage.


Shopify does not have any rental program features.

Bottom Line

With $100 billion in retail transactions processed last year, Shopify POS is a proven resource for bike shop owners. Quick and easy to deploy, you will find that their pricing is straightforward with no hidden fees and their customer support is world-class.

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Most Advanced Inventory System: RetailPoint

RetailPoint is a rather complex mobile POS system aimed at helping small to mid-market retailers serve their customers better.

The system’s functions guarantee a stellar customer experience from in-store or online shopping to delivery.

RetailPoint is a tablet, cloud-based and desktop POS system that features an intuitive user interface and cutting-edge software. It is a functional, safe, and globally accessible bike shop management system.

On the whole, RetailPoint POS software is a great solution for bike shop owners. It allows easy import of bicycles, spare parts, and services into the POS inventory. RetailPoint’s detailed reports makes it possible for managers to track sales, inventory and customer behavior.

This POS system also provides various customer loyalty programs and makes it possible for bike shop owners to track and compare sales information among different shop locations with data in real time.

General Features

RetailPoint’s e-commerce functionality enables bike shop owners to create their own e-commerce website, where bicycles and parts are easier to view and order.

The Customer Reporting feature will let you view customers’ information and purchase history. Their online profiles can be synced with their purchase history, creating a holistic shopping experience.

In addition, customer profiles also show which of your customers make regular onsite purchases, and which ones prefer online shopping.

Supreme Inventory Visibility

One of the best features of RetailPoint is its advanced inventory system. When a client needs something, it is not always as easy to search for as it seems it would be. For example, a client may have a very general notion of the item he wants to purchase and may not even know its name.

With this POS system, a shop’s inventory levels are instantly accessible from all locations. RetailPoint alleviates the product search process by allowing store associates to search across all available criteria.

A retailer can assign any number of attributes to their inventory items, thereby optimizing the search process. All of this is possible with the support of RetailPoint’s powerful product information manager.

It can help you classify products based on aspects of your choice – brand, department, size, manufacturer, etc.

You can also add any number of photos or other files to the profile of each item. If a product is out of stock, you can create a store transfer, have the product shipped from a vendor or warehouse directly to the customer’s home, or have it held at the nearest location for the customer to pick up.

General POS Checkout

Considering all the other powerful features of RetailPoint, it’s easy to see why the checkout process is so impressive. Products are quickly added to any transaction by searching, scanning, or through the scalable QuickPick buttons.

Staff members can also easily search for and insert a customer’s profile to the sale in order to track his or her future purchases.


Some users have complained that not enough reporting options are available with this POS system. The stock reports are useful, but there should be a feature indicating the expiration dates of some products.

Bottom Line

This POS software is optimized for maximum speed. It is a great asset to have during the holiday season, when bike shops tend to have more customers than they can handle.

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Before You Get a Bike Shop POS System

bike shop posMany factors go into running a successful bike shop. From inventory management to scheduling repairs, you have to be on top of it all.

The best way to do this is with a POS system designed specifically for bike shops. The right system will aid in tackling every task that comes your way.


Staying on top of what you have in your inventory is crucial. The right POS software will make this chore effortless. Vend, for example, has fantastic software that is easy to operate and navigate.

Using Vend, you will be able to add, edit, and remove products from your inventory. The system also gives you the capability to track, in great detail, your stock levels on any given product.

Vend will also work across multiple locations. Having access to all of your inventory in one place will save you several hours of work. You can restock all of your locations at once, with a simple touch of a button.


If you run a bike shop, it is safe to assume that you also handle bike repairs. Having the right point-of-sale software will allow you to schedule repairs seamlessly.

A POS system like LightSpeed will let you stay on top of repairs. Customers can be given full visibility over the status of their repair. This information will prevent clients from continually checking in on the state of their bike.

LightSpeed’s system will give you a blank calendar to work with. Updating your calendar is an effortless process that takes only a few clicks.


Having a rental program isn’t a crazy concept for a bike shop, especially if you operate close to riding trails. Having a system in place to track which equipment is going out is vital.

Software, like that of RetailPoint, will allow you to see precisely what pieces of equipment are going out on any given day. RetailPoint will also inform you of who the renter is, when it is supposed to be returned, and any extra equipment they may have also taken.

The capability to rent out bikes will give you the ability to increase your revenue fast.


Running a bike shop may not be thought of as the most lucrative business. Your books do not have to reflect this assumption.

With hard-working bike shop POS software, your place can be the exception to the general opinion. Anyway, regardless of the numbers, you want to enjoy your business and have books that are easy to read.

A good bike shop POS will display visual pie charts and such, showing you exactly how much revenue is coming in. You will have insights as to what you have in stock, what is selling, and more.

Vend’s interface, for example, is extremely clear with the data it presents you.

Purchase Orders

Occasionally, a customer may want to purchase a bike or a part that you do not have in stock. Luckily, finding that special item is just a click away.

You will be able to order and add any special item to your inventory list seamlessly. Once you order the item, it is possible to track the delivery process in real time.

The second the item reaches your storefront, you will be able to inform your customer and place the item off to the side. By offering layaway through your POS system, you will ensure that it is not accidentally stocked on the shelf with your regular inventory.

The Bottom Line

The most important features of a bike shop POS system are comprehensive reporting and high speed. A system should also be able to record your customers’ purchase history. A good POS system makes it possible for bike shop owners to set up targeted events by season, brand, or the type.

It is also worth mentioning that some POS systems have a dashboard offering a full display of your entire business, regardless of how many bike shops you have.

Many bike shops are already reaping the benefits of using a suitable POS system that provides most of the features discussed above. We can fully guarantee that the POS systems reviewed above will fully meet your requirements and will help your bike shop make more money.

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