The 5 Best Clothing Store POS Systems

clothing pos system

Clothing stores maintain large amounts of inventory, so it’s essential that they use the best clothing store POS system.

Point of sale (POS) systems automate manual tasks, saving users loads of time. They also streamline internal processes, saving even more time. This allows clothing stores to sell more, grow faster, and deliver a better customer experience.

POS hardware such as cash registers, card readers, inventory scanners, and touchscreen increase productivity.

Software features such as automated inventory management and staffing coordination are also important. Additionally, sales tracking and automated checkout capabilities allow employees to spend more time selling and assisting customers. Plus, powerful reporting and analytics allow clothing stores to make more informed decisions about business growth.

Features like customer loyalty programs and customer data collection help clothing stores deliver a more personalized customer experience. They also boost customer satisfaction, increase repeat sales, and drive up recurring revenue.

In short, businesses that leverage clothing store POS software are more successful and profitable than stores that don’t. That’s why we compiled a list of the top clothing store solutions to help your business grow.

Comparing the Top Clothing Store POS Software

Brand Names
Upfront Cost
Standout Feature

All plans start at $99/ month for 1 register.
Free retail tools
Community forum

Integrated, in-depth inventory management tool for real-time stock administration.

Plans start at $99/ month (billed annually) for 1 register.
Guides and eBooks
Help center with videos

Total transaction transparency with customer-facing displays.

All plans start at $29/ month for 2 staff accounts.
Free trial
Help center
Free stock photos
Websites for sale
API docs

System comes with a free card reader that works with any iPad or Android device. Stores can be selling immediately.

Plans start at $99/ month (billed annually) for 1 register.
Partner program
Help center
Developer page

Quickstart Package with retail consultants for a smoother transition. Includes a “go-live” plan and account configuration.

Plans start at $59/ month (billed annually) for 1 outlet and license.
Free trial
Help center
Developer portal
Partner program

Built-in inventory system with seasonal selling, composite product management, and bundled SKU creation.
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Lightspeed Retail: Best Overall Clothing Store POS

Clothing Store POS Software lightspeedA clothing store needs item variants like no other industry. The same product can vary by color, size, style, material, etc.

Lightspeed specifically caters to the apparel industry. They offer data-rich features that align with clothing store operations for seamless store management.

Inventory Engine

Managing stock and inventory properly is crucial to the success of a clothing store. Lightspeed POS is built with powerful inventory management features.

It automates important tasks like:

  • Stocking items
  • Importing product data
  • Tagging and categorizing inventory
  • Organizing stock
  • Discount management

A thousand items can be imported in under a minute. This saves you tons of time you’d otherwise spend manually uploading items into the system. A clothing store can also order from a large selection of integrated supplier catalogs, accessible directly from the system.

Cloud-based, Mobile POS System

Lightspeed is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) POS system. SaaS POS systems are growing in popularity for various reasons.

First, they store all relevant data in off-site servers that are backed up constantly. This means you never lose important business intelligence data.

Second, SaaS POS systems rely on an internet signal or mobile data to operate. Users can access these systems from anywhere they have a signal.

There is no need to be on site to access important business data. That data can be accessed on the go via a laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

This type of POS system is popular and ideal for retail businesses like clothing stores. This is because they allow owners and managers to check inventory levels, run reports, and access other important data remotely.

Loyalty Programs

Reward your best customers with discounts, gifts, etc., through built-in loyalty programs. Keep track of customers who frequently buy from you and incentivize them for their loyalty with discounts and special offers. You can also win back lost customers by using loyalty program features to send them offers and discounts.

Clothing shoppers are prolific consumers. They are committed, repeat buyers and can fall in love with a brand. That’s why it’s important to use clothing store POS software that offers loyalty program features. These features drive repeat business and help you forge long-term customer relationships.

Lightspeed Loyalty offers:

  • A rewards program with a customer-facing app
  • Automated SMS and email campaigns via a drag and drop interface
  • Tracking customer data for deeper insights
  • Control of coupons and in-store experiences
  • Creation of one-time deals for special occasions

The more you know your customers, the easier it will be to automate your marketing campaigns. Lightspeed POS creates a single view of consumer behavior. This enables a business to reward people that continue to spend money at your clothing store.

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Vend: Best Inventory Management Features

Clothing Store POS Software vendVend POS helps a clothing store increase sales, whether it is in-store, online, or on-the-go. The system’s developers have created an app to help clothing stores unleash the power of mobile retail.

The software can be used in-store, on a Mac or PC, and anywhere from an iPad.

Some key features include:

Efficient Checkout

The Vend interface can be customized to streamline the checkout process while collecting important consumer data. Create custom buttons for popular items. Save everything to a dashboard that collects and collates data from multiple stores.

Notes can be added that appear on customer receipts, like instructions for product care or future discounts. Receipts can be customized with your logo and website, and can even be printed in another language. 

Employee Management

Vend POS allows a clothing store to watch all cashflow, from register closures to cash float and the number of customer served. Therefore, you can increase employee accountability by tracking performance with user accounts and permissions.

At the end of each day, a store can print a detailed closure report with a record of the daily totals. This allows a business to check totals by payment type and identify trends with popular products.

Plus, employee management features let employees maintain a clear view of the hours they have worked, when they are scheduled to work again, and more. Plus, they help managers reduce time spent on employee management tasks. This lets them focus more on providing better customer experience and raising customer satisfaction.

Customer Experience

The Vend POS system allows a clothing store to put a customer’s item on layaway, make partial payments, or make on-account purchases. It enables a business to adapt and cater to the needs of its customers.

Improve customer retention by issuing store credit instead of refunds. Save a pending sale if someone forgets an item. It’s all about creating value in the consumer experience.

Vend delivers transaction flexibility. Customers can split payments or use a gift card (available in the Pro and Enterprise plans). Clerks can quickly access customer data and purchase history. Because Vend works off a central database, you can apply payments from another store, or at a later date.

Above all, POS systems automate and streamline manual tasks, allowing staff and managers to devote more attention to meeting customer needs. And that creates a better customer experience.

This all leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction. Happy customers are more likely to return for more. They also become loyal to your store and share their experience with friends and family. This improves brand reputation and acts as a free form of advertising.

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Shopify: Best for eCommerce & Online Clothing Stores

Clothing Store POS Software shopify

The Shopify POS platform focuses on ease of use. It helps with everything from set-up to selling, marketing, and managing a clothing store.

The robust system can be used as clothing store POS software. It comes with an all-in-one dashboard that enables a business of any size to process transactions in-store, online, or from a mobile location.

Here are some additional selling points:

Store Management 

Every staff member can be issued their own PIN with a separate and secure code. This helps to easily monitor registers and shift changes throughout the day. All register activity and orders are tracked back to the employee that is logged in.

Other key features of the store management system include:

  • Order history by product, date, or customer
  • Tracking of daily totals by payment type
  • Refunding past orders to the original payment method
  • Making exchanges with store credit
  • Timeline communication tools for team collaboration

Shopify also integrates with third-party platforms like QuickBooks, Xero, and many more. 

Consumer Relationship Management (CRM)

In the apparel industry, knowing your customers is the key to retention. So, Shopify allows a store to create in-depth customer profiles that are automatically generated with a new purchase. The system also starts tracking their habits like items purchased, number of products bought, and the amount spent.

Customer relationship management (CRM) features empower businesses to form better, more personal relationships with their customers. Robust customer relationship management features make forming those relationships easier than ever.

Therefore, with so much data at your fingertips, you will build those relationships, which will lead to higher levels of customer loyalty.

Retail Hardware 

Shopify has designed a hardware package that specifically caters to retail. The POS software will function on any iPhone, iPad, or Android device that uses iOS 10 or Android 5.0. It comes with a free credit card reader that plugs into any smartphone or tablet.

The Shopify Retail Kit costs $229 and includes:

  • Tap and Chip Card Reader
  • Dock for Tap and Chip Reader
  • Retail Stand for iPad
  • Mounting Kit
  • Mini Dock Cable

The only thing you would need to start selling with this clothing store POS software and hardware kit is an iPad and a Shopify subscription.

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Springboard Retail: Best Cloud-Based Clothing Store POS

Clothing Store POS Software springboardSpringboard offers specific clothing store POS software for apparel retailers. The cloud-based point of sale system was designed by retailers, includes enterprise-grade features, and comes at an affordable price.

Some key features include:

Data Collection and Customization

Think about the many scenarios in which an employee must collect data. It could be inventory data, sales data, or any other type of data. Do you want them to capture that data with a pencil and a pad of paper? That leaves the door open for data loss via human error.

Springboard Retail clothing store POS software enables businesses to create custom fields to gather the data they need. The process is automated. A business can save time and money by making data-driven decisions from real-time data on inventory, customers’ purchase histories, sales, etc.

Data from every store gets collated into a single database and the system can provide metrics across all locations.

Quickview Dashboard

A clothing store POS software system can create more targeted marketing campaigns with access to the Quickview customer dashboard.

It gives insight into important consumer data like:

  • Personal preferences
  • Frequency of visits
  • Sales history
  • Units per transaction
  • Lifetime value

Group and customer segments can be created based on a variety of demographics and behaviors. So, use the information to increase engagement with coupons, promotions, and discounts.

Integrated Commerce

Whether you are doing business in-store or online, Springboard Retail enables a store to view their inventory details across all channels.

Springboard makes it easy to organize items into multiple categories, such as:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Cut
  • Style
  • Location

You can transfer products between stores as needed. Customizable and multi-dimensional grids help a brand keep track of where everything is in real-time. This generates happier customers who experience shorter wait times, leading to a better customer experience.

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Hike: Retail-Specific Clothing Store POS System

Clothing Store POS Software hikeThe company developed the software with the clothing industry in mind. So, the intuitive Hike POS system is designed for a business to get the most out of their fashion boutique.

Some important features include:

Inventory Management

Any store that keeps inventory on site needs a way to count and track their stock on a daily basis. Tracking inventory manually is very time-consuming. It pulls employees away from more important tasks, and increases the possibility of inventory discrepancies.

Of course, you always want your inventory to match what you have sold, with no discrepancies. However, discrepancies happen all the time with any retail business. It is important to understand how they happen.

Discrepancies can occur due to a number of scenarios. For example, if an employee is stealing inventory, you would see an inventory discrepancy notification in your Hike POS system.

Discrepancies can also happen for less-malicious reasons. If you rely on an employee to manually count your inventory every day, it is almost a certainty that one day someone will miscount your stock. That’s an innocent mistake. Everyone makes mistakes—it’s part of being human.

Luckily, Hike allows users to run discrepancy reports to ensure that the number of goods in the stockroom matches what should be there based on system inventory tracking.

Loyalty Programs

Hike offers a built-in loyalty feature that can be activated with one click. Customers will start accumulating points after every purchase, which they can use for future purchases.

The system will retain all consumer data regarding your loyalty program. In addition, you can generate gift cards for special events and holidays.

Customers can redeem them in-store or online with Hike eCommerce. Plus, the Hike POS system integrates with a range of third-party POS hardware.

Multi-Channel Integration

Hike gives a clothing store the convenience of selling their products online. They provide an integrated eCommerce site builder that enables customers to order online and pick up the items later in-store. They also align with third-party eCommerce apps like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify.

All orders come straight through the Hike register no matter where they were placed. The inventory data automatically updates in real-time for accurate inventory management.

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Need Your Own Clothing Store POS Software System?

The closer you can get to a niche clothing store POS system, the easier integrations will be. Like many other retail stores, a clothing store needs a POS system with robust inventory management features.

Clothing stores normally have several variations for one items and thousands of SKU’s to enter into a system. For that reason, tracking all your inventory is a complex process. You need a system that can store and manage big data.

Consider a POS system with powerful customer relationship management features. These features lead to higher rates of customer retention and increase sales. Brands that focus on elevating the consumer experience tend to beat the competition.

And, don’t forget the importance of hardware. Fast transaction processing is highly important in the retail space. This strengthens the consumer relationship, therefore fostering loyalty that leads to repeat customers and authentic brand advocates.

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