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People purchase different kinds of jewelry to celebrate special events. They buy for graduations, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries and many more. Having a reliable POS system for jewelry store is important, because it’ll help you look professional, store client information, and display your inventory quickly.

One of the biggest challenges jewelry stores face is being unable to keep track of very small and valuable items, which are of the essence to the inventory of the store.

A good jewelry store point-of-sale system not only keeps track of the inventory, but also provides a wealth of information. The business can use such data for employee management, target marketing, and much more.

There is no doubt that a good jewelry post-of-sale software will help one’s business in different ways. This is why we decided to burn the midnight oil to come up with top 3 jewelry store software that will help your store thrive!

Best Jewelry Store POS System: Lightspeed POS

It’s a platform-agnostic, point of sale solution, which can easily be accessed at place and time. It is a server-based, retail management solution that allows retailers to unify their stock, manage clients, process every transaction and dig deep into their business’s analytics.

Lightspeed is a versatile and excellent POS that allows jewelry stores to start accepting different kinds of payments right away, without forcing the retailer to buy an extra tool. The retail version has a variety of features which are a perfect fit for a jewelry store, such as a complete tracking of one’s stock, programs and apps that will let the user to get familiar with their customers.

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$99 /month for the basic bundle

Extra add-ons and purchases available

$289 /month for the advanced bundle
Free software updates
Customer relationship management

Takes all kinds of payments

Loyalty program

Omni-channel Capabilities
Cloud backup

Inventory tracking

Quote and estimate creation

Works with 3rd generation iPads and onwards.

Peripheral bundles sold separately but not needed to use Lightspeed.

Starts at $69 / month per register
Additional registers
Unlimited stores

User accounts


Advanced reporting

Gift cards

Features change depending on the package you select.

24/7 email customer support + priority phone support for premium users

Works with anything that can run Google Chrome and its extensions.

Extra hardware sold separately.

Individual pricing is not yet available to the public
E-commerce options
Quickbooks integration

Real time inventory

Customer management

Multi-store functionality

Flexible ordering

24/7 customer support available through phone, email, chat and more.

Works with iPad
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Why We Chose Lightspeed as the Best Jewelry POS System

Lightspeed point-of-sale presents a fantastic mix of affordability, ease of use, value, and features which makes this POS one of the greatest options for jewelry stores that are out there, it is also one of the best options for retail as well as other businesses. Actually, there are four different Lightspeed software that talks more about how this POS can be.

The multi-store capability of Lightspeed ensures the inventory is well synced across the different locations, and presence of mobile extensions makes sure that associates can conduct sales and check inventory from any location in the store via iPad. A retailer who is looking to enlarge into e-commerce could take merit of fully integrated website store of Lightspeed that handles stocks across online and in-store.

This point of sale software offers large photographs that help retailers visually get a grip on their stock. By 2016 Lightspeed had more than 30,000 stores in over 50 countries, and clients processed were over $8 billion in transactions. The POS has a strong worldwide network of licensed resellers that can meet with sellers one-on-one.

Lightspeed has one of the best customer service programs available. To begin with, the customer service is available 24/7. They provide difference customer service options for each type of business you could own.

On top of this, Lightspeed has customer service representatives spread out around various companies. This allows you to have a live support person come into your business and help you manage your POS problems.

They also give you access to forums, blogs, and online classes. These learning opportunities are not POS specific. They give you new ideas and motivations for your businesses, allowing you to become even more successful than you thought possible.

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Our Second Best Choice for Jewelry POS: Vend

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to declare that Vend point-of-sale is one of the easiest software/systems to understand, making it a better option for jewelry store owners who are just getting started into this business. It was created in 2010, and since then it has been improving and growing. This growth has made it a very affordable and complete POS software, which is worth checking out.

This POS offers a variety of features which can make your jewelry store shine. However, the number of them that you can access depends greatly on how much you are willing to pay. Some of the things which Vend offers includes customer profiles, unlimited stores, user accounts, additional registers, advanced reporting, multi-outlet options, e-commerce options, gift card compatibility, and more.

Vend also provides users with excellent customer service. First, they have many customer service staff from multiple countries. Each customer service representative has a strong background in retail, helping them meet your needs.

Vend also provides you with an opportunity to grow yourself. This begins with Vend U, which offers you thousands of classes for you and your staff. You can also access forums and discuss with many other business owners. This can allow you to grow your business in ways you never expected.

This is a jewelry store POS software which can really grow with the businessperson, Vend is easy to use, affordable, and a better option for individuals in the jewelry business.

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Our Final Choice: Revel 

This is a cloud-based business platform, which integrates customer channels and operations with POS functionality in one dashboard. Revel is suitable for jewelry stores of different sizes and provides their owners with a POS, together with integrated customer management, inventory management, and social media management.

This point-of-sale system provides data analytics application, which tracks order history, hourly sales, payment summaries, sales summaries, and product mix, and presents this data in form of graphs and reports. Other features of this POS software include managing gift cards and loyalty programs, barcode support and mobile ordering.

The owners of the jewelry store can easily control user access with distinctive passwords, user IDs, and swipe cards. The Revel’s inventory managing tools connect e-commerce and in-store channels so that it can provide the inventory data in real time. CRM features allow its users to capture order history and customer data.

Revel is another phenomenal POS which offers incredible customer service. They provide live chat and 24/7 over-the-phone service. However, they also offer opportunities to grow and stretch yourself as a business owner.

This is done through Revel University, which is much like VendU. This provides you will an incredible line-up of video courses. These video courses are arranged by type of business and by strategy you may want to learn.

Unlike VendU, Revel University is not just focused on helping you learn how to manage the POS system. Revel University allows you and your employees to master any skills relating to your place of business. This is an incredible resource for you and your employees.

This POS is really great as it offers real support to its users through live chat, training videos, and over the cellphone. It is also integrated with third-party partners such as QuickBooks and Apple Pay.

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6 Reasons to Get a POS System for your Jewelry Store

No matter the size of your jewelry store, if you have paying customers, you require a good point-of-sale system. If you don’t have a working point-of-sale system, there is a high probability that you are missing out. You could be neglecting expanding your operations, improving your customer services, saving your cost and opportunities to streamline your jewelry business. If you have doubt on the value of point-of-sale system, consider the top 6 advantages below.

Extra Modern Features

Most of the recent point-of-sale systems include a lot of extra features. These features ensure your life has been made easier and your jewelry store is more profitable. Once you have purchased a point-of-sale system, you will enjoy features such as full e-commerce integration, e-receipts, and even scales for weighing jewels.

If you have specialized in selling jewelry, a point-of-sale software is a must. This is especially true for accurate customer billing and inventory tracking. Some POS systems can be used to capture consumer email address. You can later use these emails for future marketing campaigns.

Accurate Sales Tracking

If you don’t have a POS system, then you are left at the mercy of paper records, or even worse at your memory to determine how much you have sold and how many are left in your inventory.

Once you have installed a POS system means that all your sales, be it consignment items, charge accounts, custom orders, standard or layaways transactions, are accurately recorded and stored to be used for future analysis.

Better Inventory Control

Being able to keep track of inventory, accurately, is one of the toughest jobs when it comes to the retail environment. This is because manual inventory could take several days or even weeks and interrupt one’s business in the process. Computerizing inventory systems is ideal, although sometimes they have their drawbacks.

A point-of-sale system can completely remove the need for standard inventory counts and manual counts. This is because POS integrates different aspects of the sale. The system updates one’s inventory automatically every time a jewelry is sold.

Thereby ensuring that everything from ordering to profit tracking and order a lot easier/simpler. As a matter of fact, one can easily run a report every day to identify jewelry that needs to be re-stocked, and make an order before he/she leaves for the day. Moreover, you can set your POS system to order for you through target inventory levels and automated scripts.

Easily Handling of Markdowns and Discounts

Most clients love bargaining, and there is no anything like a good sale to draw customers through your doors. Research has shown that when you mark your product on the floor at thirty percent, it rings up that way. If you do not have a good POS software, there is a probability you will miss a markdown. This can leave your consumers disgruntled.

When you have a point-of-sale system, what is required to be done is entering the discount and the SKU. Everything else is taken care of, and your clients will receive the discounts they deserve.

In fact, one can even program the point-of-sale software to offer customers special discounts for a given period. This allows the user to run frequent specials and sales. In turn, you will encourage on-time consumers and drawing in more consumers to become loyal shoppers.

Valuable Reporting

Regardless of the jewelry you specialize in, you need to keep track of what is sitting and what is moving. If you do not have a point-of-sale software you’ll need to conduct painstaking stock of jewelry. Then you must compare this list to your order. Simple inventory can take one day or more to complete. This could result in the closing of the business that will result in losing out on sales.

Availability of point-of-sale ensures that there is accurate data on jewelry sales and stock levels is one click away. With only a press of a printer key or a click of a mouse, an individual can easily access a detail report on each and every product. This includes monthly, weekly, and daily sales volumes, profit margins, order status, and current inventory.

Better Tracking of Promotions

Placing coupons and running advertisements in the media is still a good method for business people to attract new customers and build interest. Without a good POS software, your sales team will require to enter each coupon manually. They will also have to keep track of every applicable discount. In return, this turns out to be time-consuming, and entering of manual data is prone to error.

An ideal POS software automates the whole process and reduces the probability of keying errors. Therefore, with the availability of point-of-sale system in place, your employee can easily scan the coupons. Consumers get their discounts instantly and walk away with a smile. At the same time, you can be able to find out how many items your promotion has helped to sell.

The POS software is also important tools for one-time campaigns/promotions. These promotions could be customer appreciation days, sidewalk sales, as well as other special events.

Jewelry POS systems give their users the ability to categorize and organize all their pieces. Owners can know the materials used to create the jewels, if they belong to a collection, their price, etc.

Our Final Review for the Best Jewelry Store POS

There are several success secrets in the world of business and for the owners of a jewelry store. One of these is to manage and run your jewelry business with a good POS system. As you have seen, the reasons for why you should install a point-of-sale software are compelling.

Hence, if you are a person who thinks your jewelry store can’t afford a Point-Of-Sale (POS) system, then think again. In the current world of retail environment, you can’t afford to have a bad point-of-sale system in your jewelry business.

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